I command the energies of the universe, how may I help you?


High Priestess Maeveen

Let your imagination run free for awhile.

Yes! What you are imagining right now is possible to achieve and I can help you with that!

Let's embark on a journey together. You and I can create something wonderful with my AstroWicca magic! Are you ready?

I am referred as Love Psychic Maeveen, or High- Priestess Maeveen, and I will help you solve your problems or help your dreams to come true! Do you want that?


I was educated in astrology from an early age by my grand-father who was a well known astrologer in his homeland before he came to America, and in the Wiccan ways by my grand-mother, who also was a respected person in her home town. Here they continued spreading their knowledge and helped a lot of people to build their lives to perfection just as they had done!


When I was about 5 years old I asked my grand-father what he worked with (my best friends grand-father only fed pigeons in the park and I was curious why my grand-father didn't do that). He answered that his work was the best in the world because he got to help a lot of wonderful people to achieve their goals and to be happy and prosperous in their relations with others! I liked the sound of that and from that moment on he started educating me and told me tales of the stars and their lives high up in the sky.


When I grew older I read all I could come across and joined some study groups but that didn't satisfy me, so for 2 years I traveled around the world to see what knowledge I could gather from different cultures. This has given me a very special way to adapt my skill to help people from all around and with all possible problems and wishes. When I was in Ireland I came across a fantastic woman who saw some special powers in me and introduced me to Wiccan magic. The mix between astrology and Wiccan magic has made my mission in life clear! Let me help you with my powerful magic love spells!


You are most welcome to my site,
White Magic Spells Expert. Certified Love Psychic.



I will use my skills and powers to help people achieve their goals and be all they can be and then some!


So don't hesitate to contact me and tell me your wishes and goals. I have listed some examples of the spells and services I perform on this site on the sub-page (Spells) so stop by there to be inspired and see what I can help you with. If you don't find what you need I will help you to customize a spell. BUT I don't perform evil spells of any kind!


Opening hours
I will be here for you and I will help you in any way I can but since I also have a family to enjoy and I also do some consulting for celebrities (no, I won't tell you which ones) it might take up to 2 days before my first answer. This is NOT meant as a rejection but merely a way of making sure that when I answer I will have time to help you fully!


Because of my other engagements i will also be working on somewhat odd and irregular hours. If I will be away and out of reach more than two days for some reason I will notify it here on the website or by email so you won't have to wonder where I've gone. Please respect this.


How it works (general)
First of all you need to send me an email with a short summary of what you want me to help you with. It helps a lot if you are as brief as possible since it's difficult to see the real message if it's hidden in too much text. What I do first is to read your email and then I check your "zodiac footprint" to consult the stars in order to get a general idea how to solve your problem. In order to do that I need to know your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (as accurate as possible) as well as your full name.


Then I use my wiccan powers and connect to your energies to read you more deeply. Depending on what you want help with, I will make some spell suggestions and after decided, we schedule for your spell to be cast. You will have to do an easy ceremony for some days after the cast. The ceremony is very easy but a bit different for each client and spell but the base of it is the same and is described on the sub-page (How it works).


How to place an order (general)
When you have decided on which spell you want you let me know and I will send you a payment link to pay with. I accept Visa, mastercard or bank transfers. More detailed info on this is found on the sub-page (How to place an order).



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